Start an Adhesives Business

Adhesive business is the process of manufacturing and selling glue, paste, cement, mucilage, sealant and other products known as adhesives. In most cases, this refers to various glues and sealants used for commercial purposes and at other times.

In South Africa, an adhesive and sealant manufacturing industry generates more than R1 billion annually. 

Business Models

●     Adhesive manufacture and wholesale business;

●     Glue and sealant industry supply business;

●     Custom adhesive packaging solutions business;

●     Eco-friendly adhesive business;

●     Mixers and blenders for adhesives and sealants supply business;

●     Hot melt equipment, adhesives, and dispensing solutions.


Tools & Equipment

Manufacturing adhesives requires building a plant and buying a glue-making machine. Also, you’ll have to establish connections with suppliers of various chemicals such as moisture cure polyurethane, epoxy resin, phenol-formaldehyde resins and different silicones.