Start an Advertising Business

Advertising business refers to starting a marketing agency which creates and handles advertising for businesses of different types and sizes starting from a local beauty saloon finishing with a leading company in a gold mining niche. This involves both online and offline activities and refers to e-mail marketing, SEO, TV/radio ads, social media marketing and many more.

This is a B2B business, which means it serves other businesses – manufacturers, creators, suppliers, etc.

Business Model

●     Advertising Agency;

●     Online Marketing Agency;

●     Various different advertising medium business;

●     Billboard advertising;

●     Advertising Promotional ProductBusiness.

Tools & Equipment

This is a white-collar business. You only need to set up a company, rent an office in a good location, purchase computers and hire marketing experts.

They will be using both free and paid software. This refers to Google Trends, Google Alerts, Facebook Ads, Solo Ads, Bing Ads, Google AdWords and others.