Build and Sell Biltong Making Machines

A lot of people want to start their own biltong making business but don’t have the skills to build their own machines or the capital for industrial machines. Start your own business making and selling biltong making machines.

A biltong making machine is the machine used to put the meat in to be dried, they can be made in various sizes to accommodate various amounts of meat. There are various projects on the Internet on how to build a biltong making machine which you can adapt to suit your needs.. You can also make and sell biltong cutters for people making large quantities of biltong to resell.

Because the majority of people will be buying the machines to make biltong to resell, you can also offer label printing as a service for people making up packets of biltong.

And once you start business building biltong making machines you can advertise it on Khoi Capital to people looking to start their own biltong making businesses.

Image credit: Biltong Toolbox 

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  1. Many people want to start their own business but doesn’t know how to start I am one of them, I am interstate on starting a biltong machine business how can I get the machine and how much is it and where is the suitable place to do this business?

    1. You make the machines and sell it to whoever wants to make (and sell) their own biltong. There are a myriad of tutorials online on how to make your own machine which all it does is dry the meat. Various different materials (wood, Perspex, lights and fittings, fans etc.) that can be found all over South Africa can be used to make the machine, it is up to you to do your research and take the initiative to start, without starting you don’t get anywhere. Here is of the most basic plans to build a biltong maker – that you can adapt to your needs (example put a transparent window in the door using Perspex or make the whole door transparent which is how commercial machines look). Once you have made your first machine put an ad on Gumtree or wherever saying that you make biltong making machines for people wanting to make and sell their own biltong. Make the machines large enough as your main market is people who are making biltong to resell and not consumers.

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