Latest Business Plans

Our business plans are in various industries using the lean planning method, it has all the benefits of traditional business planning without the pain and hassle of creating a long business plan document. We not provide ready-to-use templates which just promotes lazy copy and pasting but instead acts as a guide through the business planning phase. A template is in any case useless as every person’s needs will be different. These plans need to be rewritten in your perspective to suit your needs and contains the things you need to consider.

T-shirt Vinyl & Laser Heat Transfer Business Plan
This business uses heat transfer vinyl and laser heat transfer printing to print low-quantity t-shirts on short notice for events such as couple photoshoots, parties, brand or club, commemorate a special date or honour someone’s memory.

Salvage Shop Business Plan
salvage shop, also known as a discount, clearance or “best before” shop specialise in selling items that traditional grocery stores can’t or won’t sell. This includes:
Food that is near or past its expiration
Manufacturer overstock
Items in seasonal or otherwise-dated packaging

Textile Screen Printing Business Plan
Here we look at starting a textile screen-printing business to print larger quantity t-shirts whether for promotional purposes or to resell. We look at a pricing structure and what type of minimum quantity we should print.

Coffin Manufacturing Business Plan
Many people want to start a coffin manufacturing business but don’t know where to start. We look at the skills, equipment, materials and resources to start this business and ask: should you even manufacture?