Buy and Sell “Very Effective” Disposable Razors

Today’s disposable razors are rubbish they seem more designed to let you use up the pack of 5 as soon as possible than getting the job done. What is this “very effective razors” I speak of? They are “prep razors” used in hospitals to shave the hair off people for an operation or pregnancy (it’s safe and effective for shaving private parts as well). It is designed to do one thing and do it well: to get rid of hair.

You will be buying the razors from a medical supply company in bulk and making up packs of 4 or 10 and reselling them.

It’s advised that you try to sell it in high volume areas like close to transport hubs, you can try to sell wholesale to spaza shops but that will eat in to your margins.

Type Retail
Product Razors
Guide How to Start a Buying & Selling Business in South Africa
Suppliers Supra Healthcare
Setup cost

R500 will buy you enough stock to make around R500 profit if you selling them for R5 each.

The razors cost R251.94 for 100 and they are worth at least R4 – R5 each. You can sell a pack of 4 for R20 and a pack of 10 for R40. Translating to a profit of between of R148.06 to R248.06 for every 100 you sell.

Sector  Toiletries


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  1. I am interested in the razor business how do I contact you . Are they packed in packets

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