Buy & Sell LED Strip Lights

An LED strip light (also known as LED tape or a ribbon light) is a flexible circuit board containing light-emitting diodes (LED). It is used in for indoor and outdoor lighting, signage, growing plants, various inspection (UV) and entertainment purposes (nightclubs, DJ’s) etc. Start your own business buying and selling LED strip lights.

The business
This is a simple retail business, buy the lights in wholesale and resell. These lights are sold by the meter so you will buy it in wholesale quantities (5, 10m and up) and resell it per meter. These lights are very versatile, flexible and come with a sticky backing so they can be stuck to virtually any surface. The lights are sold in various brightness, wattages and colours (including colour changing and UV) and it is advised that you familiarise yourself with them.

There are also a host of add-ons where extra money can be made from: connectors to join two pieces of light, dimmers, including dimmers with remote control, power supplies and even timers so people can turn their LED lights on automatically.

Target market
The target market is governed by the various type and applications: for basic lighting you can sell to virtually any homeowner. Other uses in the home include: under counters, in cupboards, by the pool, entertainment areas, and aquariums.

For shops uses include: signage (you also get neon strips), display cabinets, UV lights can be used under the counter for money detection etc.

Other uses include: on boats, in bars, in cars, limos or party buses.

This is a product that is growing in popularity that is sold per meter allowing you to grow this business much easier than you would with traditional lighting.

Please note: as per our new policy we no longer mention suppliers by name unless they partner with us. You have to use your own initiative to find suppliers.

Image credits: artled, BrentMauriello, bigcommerce, Super Bright LEDs

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