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Mindset: The Only Thing Standing Between You and Success

How is it possible that someone can jump through Patricia de Lille’s R37 million border fence with only the clothes on their backs and be successful in SA while most of the locals are poor, living in squalor and wallowing in their self-pity? Mindset! Mindset can take many forms and it requires many things to come together to be successful. Starting at the bottom I have spoken about ideological barriers (poverty mindset, spirit of entitlement,  dependency syndrome, morals & ethics) [see The right […]

The right mindset to take advantage of Business Opportunities

Why are most South Africans poor and unemployed? Let me tell you it’s not because there is no opportunity out there, SA has a well-developed economy with lots of opportunities as we have seen from the foreigners who just waltz through a hole-in border fence and are able to get something going. Most experts would attribute this to ideological barriers or a “poverty mindset”. That is why there are organisations such as WORK 4 A […]

How to Mentally Prepare Yourself For Starting a Business in South Africa

Once you’ve decided you want to start a business and you’ve decided on a business and you have the right mindset, mentality, clarity and focus. The next thing you have to do is mentally prepare yourself before starting a business, during and after you have started the business you always need to be mindful. Like the planning of anything important, it goes without saying that you will need to have a plan to start a […]

The Right Mindset and Mentality to Start a Business

Starting a business is hard, watching the world pass you while you struggling to get off the ground, watching other successful people live in luxury and you struggling, it’s hard to stay the course and maintain focus and motivation. To start a business you need to be able to be focussed and motivated to get you through the challenging times. Your mind will dictate whether you give up or not, change course and untimately succeed […]