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Start a Tiny House Rental Business

Airbnb claims that you can earn up to +/- R20,991 a month* (based on location read at bottom) renting out or “hosting” a tiny house on their platform. Let’s look a bit deeper at this business. The current landscape The self-catering (people sort  out their own food and stuff) industry, the category that this format falls under did see growth in the past; before Airbnb even existed there was a myriad of platforms catering to […]

Start a Tiny / Small House Business

The first business in the property business series I want to look at is the tiny & small house business. Tiny houses are primary, full-fledged dwelling units on a small scale basically a small scale house. There is also a movement that is defined as an architectural and social movement that advocates for downsizing living spaces, simplifying, and essentially “living with less.” Another part of this movement is to be constructed with environmentally conscious and renewable materials. But this […]

The Affordable Property / Housing Business Series

It is a new year and this year we will look at changing paradigms. With business in SA being tough we need seismic shifts in our society to move the needle. One of the sectors that need a change of perception is the property sector. The people of South Africa – a majority poor country – seem to think that a benchmark property is a R2m+ semi-detached townhouse simply because that has become the norm […]

Buy a Real Estate Property and Rent it Out

Are you a thrifty person? Do you usually spend more money than you make? Saving money is a great habit. If you’ve already established it, you’ve probably noticed that R1000 is not the same as it was a year ago. The annual inflation rate in South Africa is around 5-6%, which means that if you keep your R1000 under the mattress, you lose a few rands every month. So, why not become a real estate […]