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Start a Single Product Wholesale Business

A single product wholesale business buys a product in bulk direct from the manufacturer and sells it wholesale to retailers and resellers. There is no “product mix” it is a single product business. This is a B2B business that depends heavily on the product (usually fast-moving consumer goods / FMCG) and place/location (close to resellers). Business Model This business buys large quantities of the same product from a manufacturer (usually negotiating bigger discounts) and then […]

Buy & Sell Spices Wholesale

The spice business has good margins and is a popular and fast moving product. But it has competition around every corner. Here is how to get into this business now. The business The spice business has many facets: manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing. The higher up the chain, the more capital you need to get started. While it is possible to start at the lowest end (retail) with little capital, for a small business, I think […]