Connect Rural Farmers with Exporters Using the Internet

There are a lot of people living in rural areas of South Africa, who work hard, grow farm products and don’t even suspect that they could make decent amounts of money selling their goods to urban cities and even to other countries.
Using the power of the Internet, you can connect rural farmers with domestic and international markets.
Watch this video about rural farming in South Africa to get an idea on some possible business ideas

Rural farming in South Africa

Subsistence farmers in the Mbashe Local Municipality and other areas in Eastern Cape face challenges in their pursuit to secure food security for their families and keep a standard living for their families. Most of the farmers lack the necessary skills, resources and mechanisms to ensure maximum production from their lands.

Opportunity Overview
Here is a 5-step formula:
● Create a classified ads website using WordPress or other software. Call it “Homegrown fruit and veg”. It’s going to be yet another classified ads service, but it will be niche specific and not too broad.
● Go to rural areas, find rural farmers and offer them cooperation. Just say that they can post their ads on their Website for free, and urban citizens or wholesale buyer will find their ads and contact them if interested.
● Attract buyers. Promote your website with Google AdWords, buy ads on local websites. It’s not that difficult to refer farmers to your website as it is to attract buyers.
● Keep it running day by day. If needed, find a business partner, outsource some routine work.
● When your service becomes popular, charge a fee for submitting ads, for example, chargins for one ad or on commission.

Tools and skills needed
You have to be an entrepreneurial, communicative person. It takes a lot of time and energy to find people living in rural areas who would believe in your business idea. Some of them don’t even know how to use the Internet. In this case, you can offer middleman services.
On the other hand, it might take months and even years to create a website and make it popular. Moreover, it will take a lot of money to promote it.
But the reward might be huge. Not only can you make great money at the end, but you can change the lives of many-many people for the better.

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