Start a Edible Tableware Business

Edible tableware is tableware, such as plates, glasses, utensils, chopsticks, bowls and cutlery that is edible. An edible tableware business manufactures and sells tableware and other products that are edible. Edible cutlery is a great alternative to disposable plastic cutlery.

Target Market
This business serves restaurants wanting to offer tableware that is edible. It also serves retail outlets selling edible tableware. Other target markets include event and festival organizers, party planners and environmentally conscious people.

Business Model

  • Edible tableware manufacture and wholesale business
  • Edible tableware retail sales business
  • Eco-friendly edible spoons, forks, bowls manufacture and wholesale business.

Equipment & Materials

One of the most common source materials for making edible tableware is millet and wheat bran, flour, rice.