Start a Gambling Business

The gambling business is the process of running your own casino, poker room, slot machine, video poker machine or other types of gaming services. Another big sector is online gambling industry.

In South Africa the gambling industry, especially casinos and slot machines is heavily regulated and expensive to get into with only a few big players, the main exception being sports betting which is cheaper and easier to get into. This leaves most of the opportunity for small businesses either in going offshore or in supplementary services: floor planning, signage, machine repair, supply of various fittings and furnishings.

Business Models

  • Sports betting business
  • Gambling consulting business
  • Online gambling business
  • Gambling and slot machine floor design business
  • Signage to the gambling industry
  • Slot machine manufacture and wholesale business
  • Sports gambling business
  • Support services to online casinos
  • Gambling promotions business
  • Hospitality services around gambling