Grow and Sell Mushrooms

Mushroom farming requires much less space than most types of farming and has enough profit margins to grow into a sustainable business from your garage.

Getting started
As with any time of farming you have to do your research do avoid costly mistakes as well as to find the species that will grow best that has a market that will purchase your mushrooms.

What to grow
The most popular type of mushroom to grow starting out are oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) as its one of the easiest to grow. Not only will it introduce you to the world of mushroom farming but also provide income from reselling (it is frequently used in Japanese, Korean and Chinese cookery as a delicacy).

How mushrooms grow
The seed or spawn is combined with a “substrate” the substrate is basically the base on which the mushroom will grow. Mushroom farming is another way of starting a business using recycled materials as one of the most common substrates for mushrooms can be obtained for cheap or free (wood shavings, wood chips , wheat straw, sawdust etc.). Different types of mushrooms will grow better using certain substrates and it is advised to match the species of mushroom you will grow to the type of substrate recommended.

Where to grow
Mushrooms does not need a lot to grow it basically needs water and lighting. Starting out you can grow mushrooms from your garage. Oyster mushrooms require light to grow. You can also use solar power for your lighting to keep costs low. You will also need a good van for ventilation.

How to grow
The type of growing setup will depend on your facilities. But once you have your seeds or spawn and your substrate they can be grown in plastic bags.

Buy your spawn in bulk
Grow kits are widely available, but are not profitable enough for farmers to resell. You have to get a source for spawn in bulk, as well as source the substrate on your own (it is something that should not be paid a lot of if at all).

More Information
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