Start a Hair Removal Business

Hair removal business refers to hair removal which is also known as epilation or depilation. It’s about removing the hair from head, eyelashes, eyebrows, arms, legs, face, chest, back and other parts.

This can be both a product business (manufacturing hair removal products) and a service business (offering hair removal as a service).

Target Market

This business is an important part of the beauty industry and serves both men and women who take care of themselves and always want to look attractive. Hair removal is also done for other purposes such as sport.

Business Model

  • Face and body hair removal service business
  • Laser hair removal business
  • Waxing business
  • Professional waxing and sugaring hair removal services
  • Laser hair removal equipment manufacture and wholesale business
  • Laser hair removal specialists hire business
  • Hair removal equipment and supplies business 

Tools & Equipment

To start and run this business, you will need various pieces of equipment such as a laser hair removal machine, electric razor, nose-hair trimmer, shaving cream, shaving brush, double-edge razor, tweezers, epilator, pulsed light laser. Also, hair removal supplies will be needed. This refers to hot and wax cold, sugar, lotions and oils, mirrors, styptic and other supplies.