Start a Ice Business

The ice business refers to the business of running your own ice company manufacturing and selling ice cubes, dry ice or other types of packaged ice used for both commercial and residential purposes.

Target Market

This business serves cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and other retail chains making and selling smoothies, juices as well as the average home user.

Business Models

  • Ice Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Dry Ice business
  • Ice Making Machinery
  • Ice machine supply and rental
  • Ice machine service and repair
  • Ice Cube Business
  • Ice Vending Business

Tools & Equipment

Starting an ice business requires purchasing an ice making machine and an ice bin. It makes sense to start with a 300 kg per 24 hours machine. In this case, you will need a 300 kg ice bin.

Also, you’ll need an ice shaper, freezers for storing ice, and a van (or vans) with insulated boxes.