Start a Jewellery Business

The jewellery business refers to starting your own company making and selling different pieces of jewellery. This includes rings, coins, earrings, brooch, cufflinks, tiaras, clips, belly chains, etc.

Competitive Advantage

South Africa is known as a source of various precious metals and stones, diamonds, gold and other precious metals, this means running this business doesn’t require establishing international connections. You can use raw materials sourced locally to manufacture jewellery and sell it domestically or abroad.

Business Models

  • Jewellery Manufacturing Business
  • Retail  Jewellery & Watchmaking Business
  • Jewellers & Watchmakers Supplies
  • Wholesale Jewellery Business
  • Jewellery Buyers business
  • Jewellery Display Manufacturing Business

Tools & Equipment

To start a jewellery manufacturing business you will need to find a space, hire workers and purchase special equipment. This includes flat nose pliers, nylon tipped pliers, round nose pliers, toenail clippers, wire cutters, different rulers and others.

The most challenging part is processing gold, silver and other precious metals, same for stones such as diamonds which require cutting tools.