Make & Sell Car Ramps

Car ramps allow people to safely access the bottom of a car without the need to lay flat on the ground. Start your own business manufacturing car ramps.

Business model
This is a simple manufacturing business model: make the ramps and resell it. Factor in all costs, materials, time and work out a profit margin while staying competitive.

The product
Car ramps allow people to get underneath the car to access the bottom of the car to perform maintenance.

Target market
The target marker is twofold: mechanics and people that do their own car maintenance.

Manufacturing the ramps

Simple ramp |
Simple ramp |

This is the most important aspect of this business, it requires some metalworking skills and tools (welder, cutter etc.). I am linking to some plans below. But I have seen much smaller and simpler ramps been sold locally so you could make two types: one for professional mechanics or one for home use. Or you can just simply make the smaller one, which won’t cost as much and sell that into the consumer and hobby mechanic market of people that have some mechanical skills and don’t want to take their car into a garage and pay a premium. See below for some ideas.

Heavy Duty DIY Car Ramps

I was fed up of lying on the ground working under things. These ramps make that a bit easier. Please feel free to use my plans as inspiration, all I ask is you hit the subscribe button. Ramp Plans:

Car ramps are made from materials that are widely available, the ones I’m linking to use angle irons and rebar.

If you going to paint the ramp you can use something like Duram’s NS4 anti-rust coating which is a high performance metal primer and rust treatment with anti-corrosive pigments to stop and prevent rust on metal.

Heavy Duty Car Ramps – David McLuckie

DIY Car Ramps Heavy duty car ramps that let you work under or on your car at a comfortable height. DISCLAIMER Because I have to say it. If you build a set of these you do so at your own risk. This is just a guide, you are the master of your own destiny and …

Image credit: David McLuckie