Make & Sell Concrete Furniture

I often hear people say they don’t have enough capital to start their own business when in reality you can start your own business with a few bags of cement and make products such as paving bricks, balusters, garden pots, vibracrete slabs, grave stones, furniture and a lot more.

Reality check
A lot of people want to start their glamourous dream businesses right from the get go, but the reality is far more somber: you are very unlikely to start the business you want to at the beginning that is because nobody is going to lend you the capital required unless you can prove an ability to pay it back, and if you have no existing business or income, then the chance of getting capital is zero. That is why you need to start something with potential to grow; a cement product business is one of those. Cement is a real cheap product with endless possibilities.

The business
Concrete furniture is tables and chairs made of concrete; it is often used for permanent and long lasting outdoor seating it is made and resold for a profit.

How to make outdoor furniture
At its most basic level, the furniture can be made up of nothing more than common concrete components.  Example: concrete pipes can be used for the legs while a concrete slab can be used as the table top. While there are some other considerations to take into account this is not a hard business to get into with some research.

Marketing and target market
The biggest thing is to find a market for your product, the biggest would be would be homeowners wanting to add seating to their gardens or pato. There is another business here, but it’s municipal (roadside furniture, picnic areas etc.) and that is your call if you want to look into it.

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