Make and Sell Magnetic Business Card DIY Kits

Last month I discussed making and selling DIY (do-it-yourself) kits –  selling loose components together that people can use to complete a project. Here is an idea to get started in that business that can be expanded upon ( such as DIY kits to make transparent business cards or greeting cards). Start your own business selling magnetic business card kits where people can design and print their own cards at home using a standard printer and lamination machine.

The kit
This magnetic business card DIY kit will make 40 cards and contains the following components:
4 pieces of A4 magnetic sheet (10 cards fit on an A4 sheet)
4 sheets of A4 self-adhesive paper
4x A4 lamination pouches
Instruction manual
And you can include a CD with business card design templates on.
Put all of the above neatly in a document box and design a nice cover for it like the one seen below. This will be the front of the document box.

Magnetic Business Card DIY Kit cover design
Magnetic Business Card DIY Kit cover design

Here is how the back of the document box looks like where all the components goes in:

Document holder - © Merrypak
Document holder – © Merrypak

How the kit is used
All the person needs to make their own cards is a computer, printer and laminating machine.

Instructions – How easy it is for people to use the kit
1. The business card is designed on computer
2. And printed on the self-adhesive paper (ten cards fit on an A4 sheet as mentioned above).
3. The printed sheet of self-adhesive paper is then laminated and edges cut off on all four sides
4. The backing from the laminated self-adhesive paper is then removed and pasted on the magnetic sheet.
5. The A4 magnetic sheet with sticker pasted on is then cut down to the ten individual cards. Here is a more detailed tutorial I wrote for fridge magnets that uses the same concept to get an idea of the process.

Assembling the kit & Business model
You can buy the magnetic sheet in 457x610mm size, this will make the four A4 sheets when cut up as discussed above. The self-adhesive paper labels and lamination pouches will both be purchased in boxes of 100. Take the cost of the magnetic sheet (around R40), self-adhesive paper labels (R2 each x4), lamination pouches (R2 each x4), cost of the document box to hold it all (R12). Also factor in how much it will cost you to print the instruction manual (R2 if black and white) and box cover (let’s say R6 as its colour). And you can put some free design software such as Inkscape and business card templates on a blank CD which costs around R5.

This brings you to a total cost of around R80. A magnetic business card kit can be sold for R160 doubling your money. That works out to a cost of R4 per card which is not bad as unlike traditional business cards these are the types of cards that is used by plumbers and electricians that people stick on their fridges to call in an emergency (the cards double up as memo holders so are kept around).

Falcon Signage Supplies for magnetic sheet
Redfern or Tower labels for the self-adhesive paper (I always buy the A4 “one-up”)
Makro for lamination pouches
Merrypak for the document box

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