Make and Sell Miniature Building Supplies

There is a lot of people who believe that “old-fashioned” toys are best for children instead of the prevalent digital toys of today such as tablets. Tap into this growing movement by making and selling miniature building supplies that can be used to build toy buildings or dolls houses (way more exiting than Lego!). It is also a pastime that can be enjoyed by both parents and children.

A large bag of cement, sand and moulds and you have enough to make hundreds, if not thousands of tiny small bricks. Moulds can be 3D printed. Wooden offcuts can easily be obtained from various industries that use wood.

I got this idea from Mini Materials and you can read the logic behind the founders business here.

Type Manufacturing
Equipment Moulds
Materials Cement
Suppliers Builders Warehouse
Setup cost Less than R500 for the materials, overall it should come to less than R1000 to get started with the basics.
Sector Games & Toys

Image credits: Mini Materials

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