Make and Sell Perspex Products

Perspex products are display and other products made from acrylic sheet (better known by its trade name Perspex in South Africa). Making items from Perspex is an excellent manufacturing business which combines cheap startup cost, with cheap materials and a high margin completed product.

What to make
When making Perspex items, always keep the market in mind. Popular items include:
> Brochure, display, magazine and menu holders
> Display cases, shoe displays
> Custom designs

Target market
The largest market for display products is the retail market as well as commercial and restaurant markets. You can also market to interior decorators as well as exhibitors (trade shows etc.).

Once the Perspex is purchased in sheet form it is cut and bent (using heat) to create various designs.

You can even make your own tool to bend the Perspex:

Image credits: barconwood, gpxgroup