Open a Dance Studio

A dance studio offers dance lessons to people looking to learn to dance or to improve their dance skills. However there are various business models to consider to make a success of this business.

Getting Started
The most important aspect of this business is the premises and the dance teacher. The reason I say premises is important as if you can get the space right, nice size and location it will open a lot of avenues of revenue for you.

Business Model
If you own or rent the right venue, you have a lot of choices as to how it can be monetised. That is because not only can you offer dance lessons or hire a dance teacher to offer it for you can also rent it out to other people looking to use the venue and make even more money. Here are the various business models to consider:

Property manager
You own or rent the venue, equipped for various dance techniques this venue can be rented for an hourly rate out to dance teachers to offer lessons. This means you can rent out the venue to dance teachers, ballet teachers, yoga studio and even as a karate venue. You can rent it out for ballet in the afternoon as ballet is usually taught after school, then later on in the evening for ballroom dancing or Jazz lessons which is usually taken by adults after work. In between you can rent it out for yoga classes for stay at home moms and on the weekend you can rent it out to people offering hip-hop classes.

Dance Instructor / Lessons
Here you own or rent the venue and offer dance lessons which either you will offer yourself or you will hire a teacher to offer it. You can offer various types of lessons as mentioned above. If you don’t offer the lessons yourself you can decide how to remunerate the teachers either a fixed rate or a portion of the revenue generated.

Services that can be offered in this type of venue
Ballroom, jazz & latin dance lessons
Ballet schools
Yoga classes
Even Jazzercise lessons – Jazzercise is a combination of aerobic exercise and dance fitness.
You can also offer gymnastic lessons but this may require more equipment besides the barre handrails that is should be equipped with if doing ballet lessons.
Can also be used as a photography studio when not in use for dance purposes or to practice plays.
You can even rent it out to people offering erm pole dancing lessons.


Target Market
Depending on what you offer, you will have various different target markets, ballet is usually taken by school going children, ballroom by adults and hip-hop by teens.

Depending on your business model or service will depend where and to whom you market this business. Most of the abovementioned services can be marketed through social media or Classifieds such as Gumtree, but stuff like ballet lessons is often marketed through schools.