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Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Rope That Can Be Resold

We like to promote businesses that can be started with as little money as possible, and one of the ways to start a business with little capital is to keep your cost down making use of recycling as a source of materials.

The plastic bottle cutter allows you to make strong rope that can be resold, using plastic bottles such as 2l Coke bottles, Jive bottles, Appletiser bottles and even plastic milk bottles. The rope can be used in various industries such as packaging, crafts and farming etc.

In the packaging industry the rope can be used as twine to bind packages, but in the craft industry it has even more applications: place mats and bags can be woven from the plastic rope.

Plastic rope made from bottle

Plastic rope made from bottle


You cut the bottom off of the plastic bottle and the tool slices the rest of the bottle into a long thin strand of plastic that’s flexible enough to be used as a rope.

Business model
The quickest way to get started in this business is to find a buyer for your product and then scale up from there. The cutter and the material is cheap, you are restricted to the quantity that buyers are willing to buy and the quantity you or your workers can churn out on a daily basis.

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  1. Johannes dikgetsi

    Like the idea, how much for the machine(Cutter)

    • Ken

      From 22 to 30 Euro (around R325 to R445) plus 15 Euro (R225) postage for the original. Although you do get a cheaper Chinese copy which you can either buy from resellers locally or direct from China.

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