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Selling on existing marketplaces is sometimes better than selling from your own website especially if you just starting out. Marketplaces like bidorbuy are already well known, get lots of visits from search engines and spend a lot of money on advertising.

But what makes bidorbuy better than Gumtree for certain things is their trust/rating system which helps facilitate province to province transaction by private individuals who are strangers. This means there are a lot of people who stay far-away from big cities where certain goods are not readily available.

Let’s say you selling online on Gumtree and you living in Cape Town – where most things are readily available that you selling and you have lots of competition so a certain item could take longer to sell as people can get that item in many places.

But people living in smaller towns often use bidorbuy to source goods (usually from sellers in big cities).

Getting Started

If you haven’t sold on bidorbuy before its best to apply for verified status, as many people may not want to do business with you if you new and selling high value items. To become verified you pay R100 and submit a copy of your ID and they do some “fraud checks” on you once it has been processed and you accepted you receive a green tick next to your username to say that you have been vetted/ are verified but what it also does is insure buyers up to R5000 for extra peace of mind.

What to sell
So far we’ve discussed various things that you can make and sell. You don’t have to make your own stuff to sell, you can purchase stuff not widely available or you can even package various things together to create a certain type of kit. What you can also do is sell secondhand goods (make sure it works) that you bought from Gumtree, Cash Crusaders and Cash Convertors, especially hard to find goods.

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  1. I’d also like to add that one can buy a lot of stuff on BidorBuy that you cannot find in shops, even in the large metros, e.g. items new on the market and novelty items or specialized products used in certain industries. E.g. metal detectors, infinity dresses, etc. It is also possible to buy items that is not available in SA and to have items personalized or custom made, services I have used and have been very happy with.

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