Start a 3D Printing Design Service Business

3D printing can (and will) revolutionize manufacturing in South Africa. The list of cool and useful things you can print with a 3D printer is literally endless. While buying a 3D printer and offering printing services is a great business model, the idea you are about to learn is different.

Business model

Before you print something with a 3D printer you have to have a file that can be printed.

This idea consists of three steps:

  • People bring sketches and photos;
  • You create the people’s vision in the CAD software (a file that can be 3D printed);
  • You print a 3D model.
Target Market

Everyone! Not only a person who needs something to be 3D printed, but every single person is your prospective customer. The reason is, your service can be used by businesses and for novelty.

Businesses don’t need to keep a 3D designer on their books they can outsource this to you. OR Imagine, a little girl who drew an awkward creature and is asking her daddy to purchase it. There is no way because it simply doesn’t exist. Well, now it exists! You can turn it into a printable file and… print it!

That is essentially your business model and target market: either businesses, or people who just bought a 3D printer for the novelty of it and have no idea how to use the software, you can also offer the 3D printing as a service.

Tools needed

You will need two devices to start this business:

  • A powerful computer or a laptop for making 3D printable files. No need to buy the most expensive device, but it must be fast;
  • 3D printer you (In South Africa you can buy it from 3dprintingsystems or 3dprintingstore

Watch a video about some incredible 3D printed objects to get an idea of what services you can offer

Also, watch a video on how to start your own 3D printing business:

Marketing ideas

The best way to attract your novelty customers is to impress them before they even know they need your service. Create a Facebook Page, start an Instagram account and post images. Some of your customers will make impulsive purchases without even considering their expenses!

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Image credits: OKFoundryCompany, Bradina