Start an Access Control Wristband Company

Access control wristbands are used at various events, conventions, sports and functions. It is a way to determine who has paid for entry or who has a valid invite or ticket. It is basically a classier way than using a stamp.

Access control wristbands are usually made from cheap materials such as tyvek or vinyl. It usually has a tamper proof enclosure which means that the person cannot remove it and give it to another person without breaking it. Both tyvek and vinyl is not flexible enough that the user will be able to remove it and give it to another person.

Tyvek is, the most cost-effective and popular material used is a durable material, waterproof and tear resistant, this is a excellent choice for wristbands. Not only that, but tyvek or vinyl also be branded with the event logo or sponsors.

Alongside its tamper proof security features each wristband usually has sequential numbering.

Different types of material
The most popular choice for access control wristbands is tyvek followed by vinyl. Fabric is also used but is more expensive.

To print or outsource?

When manufacturing your own wristbands, no doubt some clients will ask for it to be custom branded, this opens up a dilemma: do you offer a printing service yourself, outsource it or tell clients to find their own printer? Each option has its pros and cons, print yourself will make you get more clients, but will mean you have to get extra staff and equipment outside of your expertise of manufacturing wristbands. Outsourcing will remove this problem but will make you reliant on a third party, for a product is which there might be tight deadlines. Selling blank and telling clients to find a printer themselves might mean they take their business elsewhere as it might be a hassle for them.

One option to consider is a “access control wristband brand” lets call it “VIP”, so what will happen is this is essentially your house brand that you have printed in bulk in various colours and when people have an event they just buy wristbands with “VIP” printed on them.

Manufacturing the wristbands
Sourcing the material (tyvek, vinyl, fabric) is not hard to do and can be purchased in rolls by the meter. You need to add two more important components: tamper proof enclosure and numbering. There are machines that you can purchase that can manufacture various wristbands.

Expanding the business
The majority of companies that manufacture access control wristbands stick to the event industry. But there are other industries that use various different wristbands. Hospitals are one market, but a related market to events would be the promotional industry where there is a market for silicone wristbands.

Image credit: TrendyWristbands, gandamediasolutions