Start a Business That You Can Run From Anywhere

If you are reading this in 2022 from the ANC’s South Africa then most of the businesses that we’ve looked at before will likely be redundant unless you have significant capital. If you are unemployed or underemployed then your best strategy going forward is either to do as the foreigners (Zimbabweans, Somalians, Bangladeshi) do that setup shop here and live super lean: live in your workplace or work in your living place and live 20 people in a house or to learn a skill that you can monetize over the internet. I will be looking at the latter today and here is why.

If you are starting a new business right now without a lot of skill or capital then you will have a very hard time to get started unless you have major connections. Operating costs, taxes (if lucky enough to make profit), banking fees, logistics fees, cost of living, Eskom, municipal rates, internet data too expensive, security is expensive, maintaining both a house and business premises and if choosing one only you may have business legislation such as zoning laws up your ass.

The best way going forward is to forego all that. Don’t fall in love with an idea that you want a factory etc. that is shit in SA, unproductive staff that are expensive to hire and more expensive to fire and lots of other problems. I’ve always been good with abstract thinking and be able to build models. I can tell you this: If I look at SA in totality what I just mentioned, Eskom problems wiping out 2-4 hours a day etc. You will have a very hard time. If you have a well paying job, I wouldn’t even bother starting a business no matter how much of a itch you have for “entrepreneurship”. I would not start a new business in the current environment that can’t be run from a laptop. I just can’t visualise anything else, maybe I’m jaded from experience, maybe I’m getting old.

In South Africa the colours are dull and the taste is bland. #ImLeaving.

The question that you have to ask yourself why even bother to tether yourself to SA at all? European cost of living, African quality of life. High cost of living, its dangerous, you have to inspect every noise outside your house. I think you will have a far better quality of live adopting a “digital nomad” lifestyle. You don’t have to leave SA if you don’t want to you can wander coast to coast or up one coast (Knysna, Plett, Jbay etc.) living in Airbnb’s or Lekkerslaap if you don’t want to support the Yanks.

What business to start that can be run from anywhere?

The easier something is to do the more people do it the less lucrative it is.

Easy less lucrative
Writing, copywriting, transcribing, translation, virtual assistant, social media management, digital marketing data entry  etc.

The way to make the above more lucrative is to become an “influencer” in a field travel for example you go to nice places and people with miserable lives will follow you and live vicariously through you and brands will pay you.

Graphic design, logo design, website design, book cover design, business card design, illustration

Voice, music, video and animation related

Higher paying (but still have to compete with countless Indians if you using freelancer platforms)
Computer Programming
Web Development
App Development


Business Models
There are three main business models here:
1. You can offer a service to clients and develop for others.
2. Use the above skills to develop your own products and find a way to monetize it (advertising, selling downloads etc.)
3. Develop your own products by outsourcing here you become the client. This requires more funds to hire people.