Start a Commercial Cleaning Business

Commercial office cleaning in South is getting more popular year by year. And yet, it’s not that difficult to create a cleaning company offering its services to business owners who have offices but don’t want to hire a full-time cleaner.

Market Need
According to the World Bank, South Africa has the second fastest growing economy in Africa, which means that every year construction companies build new offices, and entrepreneurs rent those offices in order to start new businesses. This is why the idea of starting a cleaning company means satisfying the emerging demand.

Your Solution
Although cleaning other people’s apartments for profit might seem like the most obvious idea, offering your services for business owners and cleaning their offices is a way more profitable and stable business model. Businesses often outsource their cleaning, this is because if a business hires a cleaner directly and that cleaner suddenly takes off sick then there is no one to clean the premises. By outsourcing that becomes the cleaning company’s problem and they simply have to send a replacement.

Target Market
Imagine a massage therapist, who rents a tiny office space, and who’s just finished their working day. It’s time to relax and go home, but before they have to wash the floor.
What about a financial advisor, who is a well-dressed gentleman consulting people how to properly manage their finances? Can you imagine him with a mop in his hands?
So, your target market is business owners who have office space, and who need a cleaning service on a daily or a weekly basis.

A cleaning services business is highly competitive today. Just look how heavily cleaning services companies based in Cape Town advertise on Google:

Sales Channels & Marketing Activities
The above image might give you some idea about advertising opportunities. Since you are in a b2b segment, which means that most of your customers are companies with offices in big cities, one of the best ways to promote your services is to build a website and buy ads from Google.

It’s also possible to promote your website in search engines by hiring an SEO-specialist, but since the competition is too high, it would be ridiculously difficult to attract your first customers without paid advertising.

Funding Needs
Nothing special is needed to start this kind of a business. Just a small office, one admin manager, a few cleaners and cleaning materials are needed to get started. Depending on where your staff work you might have to provide transport for them to and from where they currently working.

The following costs has to be considered:
Computer and internet
Staff Salary
Office Rent
Cleaning materials
Cleaning equipment: cloths, dusters, vacuum cleaners etc. (depends on client needs)

Financial Projections
A cleaning company of five employees (one of them is a manager working in the office) can make over R2000 per day. This business is grown by getting more contracts and adding more cleaners to the payroll to do the new work.