Start a Community Jobs Publication

The community ads flyer is not a new concept in South Africa, but with a lot of competition from online Classifieds it is best to focus on a niche market. One of the most popular types of information South Africans are interested in is jobs in their area.

A community jobs publication is a pamphlet, brochure or booklet printed and distributed to a certain area containing job opportunities both within that area as well as surrounding areas. The brochure is distributed for free and advertising space is sold on the brochure.

It is a well known fact that unemployment is high in South Africa, many people are not aware of the job opportunities close by to them or how to find them. What this publication does is collect all job opportunities within an area and publish it in booklet format. Unlike normal advertising flyers people won’t just throw it away as it could contain their next or their family members next jobs.

The community jobs publication is usually a one colour, A4 folded landscape into 2x A5. It is usually printed on a Riso or litho printer. A Riso is the better option as it is well suited for this purpose and can be operated from home, leaving the only other job to maintain contact with advertisers. Another piece of equipment that is needed is a paper folder.

Equipment Needed
Risograph or Litho Printer
Paper Folder

Here is where you need to apply your mind. Do you publish one edition containing multiple pages in a very large area, or do you publish various editions in one page (4 x A5 double side printed) in various smaller areas.

Both has its pros and cons, one edition in a larger area will allow you to easy access to bigger companies to advertise while multiple editions may help you make more money.

Let me explain: let’s say you charge R500 per quarter page advert and sell four per edition (R2000), on a print run of 5000 single page publications. Lets say your production costs is R1000 leaving you with R1000 profit, if you make five editions a week, you have a R40 000 a month in revenue and R20 000 a month in profit business  (R2000 x 5 editions x 4 weeks minus production costs).

Operational Plan
You have to set deadlines for the layout (when all jobs must be added for that weeks edition), a print deadline and a distribution day.

This publication is usually distributed into people’s letter boxes. But you can also put it in public places like libraries.

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