Start a Coworking Space in South Africa

Studies show that an average salary in South Africa is around R15000 (with it being heavily skewed towards a small percentage of high earners). This is why more and more people have started working online. A well-qualified programmer, a software developer can make R100000 per month, and even more. Article writers and logo designers are paid less, but they still make good amounts of money.

For some people working from home is not easy. They have families, screaming kids. Renting an office is not an option because of the high price. This is why a lot of freelancers rent a shared workplace. Since the number of people who work online grows year by year, why not take advantage of this fact and start a coworking space in South Africa?

Tools and skills needed

While it might seem like nothing special is required to start a coworking space, you do need to own or rent an office in a big city like Cape Town or Johannesburg. Most people who work online live in big cities; this is why it makes almost no sense to start a coworking space in a small town with a population of a few hundred people.

Once you have an office space, you have to design it the right way. There must be a workspace, a kitchen room, a toilet, a meeting room etc.

A kettle, a teapot or a coffee machine is also needed. Don’t forget about the superfast and super stable Internet connection. Almost 100% of freelancers work online, they won’t be happy to experience Internet connection problems.

More information
Watch the video explaining how to start a coworking space

Starting a coworking space? Plan to avoid the Red Zone, and save yourself a lot of trouble!

To get a new space open, you need to do probably at least several thousand different things. No matter what you do, you’re not going to get to all of them, and you’re not going to get them all right. It’s amazing how much leeway you get, actually.