Start a Custom Name Badge Business

A custom name badge business is a niche business with good profit margins and large potential (almost any company that deals face to face with clients). Make and sell custom name badges.

The name badges
The name badges you will be making and selling are what’s known as “domed” name badges. In years gone by you would have needed an expensive and messy resin kit to achieve this but this can now be achieved with domed stickers of which an insert is printed using a normal inkjet printer which is then applied to the doming components.

The doming kit
The doming system is made up of three parts: the printable sticker, the domed overlay and the component. The artwork (name and logo) is printed onto the printable sticker using a standard inkjet printer. The sticker is then placed onto the component and the domed overlay pressed on top of it (full instructs are available with the kit including a software template for layout purposes). The end result will look something like this:

The doming stickers and components
The most popular stickers and components available in South Africa is the 65x20mm (6.5x2cm) rectangle so this is the best size to go for. The components are available in both gold and silver as well as pin and magnetic. These options can all be made available to the client.

DIY domed overlay and printable stickers
DIY domed overlay and printable stickers
Domed overlays
Domed overlays
Doming components
Doming components (gold left, silver right, pin top, magnetic below)

Business model
You would usually charge per badge, so you should be targeting companies with ten or more employees at a time. But this business has good margins – up to R25 profit per badge as it’s a custom product.

Marketing your business
It is advised to make samples of all the available configurations they are available as (gold, silver, pin, magnetic etc.) in order to show clients. You should print some samples in black and some in colour – sometimes even a colour logo will look great in black only as it has a shiny or silver background.

This is a business that is easy to start, a product with minimal waste and because you are competing with companies with bigger overhead you can usually charge cheaper and still make a good profit. This business can also be expanded to create custom keyrings for corporate gifts as well as medals using the same technique and sold to schools and sports clubs.

What you’ll need to get started
Computer or laptop with design or layout software
Doming stickers
Doming components

More Information
How to use the DIY doming kit

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