Start a Daycare Centre Business

These days often both parents work. Thus, mothers don’t have enough time to take care of their children. Therefore, starting a daycare center in your city might be a great opportunity to help take care of other people’s loved ones while they work.

Value Proposition

There are a different business models you can go with. Some of them are:

  • Crèche. In South Africa, a pregnant woman may take only four months of maternity leave, starting one month before their due date. This means that in most cases she will need to get back to work when the baby is only three months old. Not surprising why young parents search for other people who take care of children in place of them.
  • Child minder agency. Not everyone is ready to entrust their children to strangers (even if it is a well-respected organisation), so they prefer to take care of their babies themselves, but they still need some help.
  • Childcare agency. The same as a crèche, but tutors work with older children aged up to 16.
  • Baby and toddler classes. Probably the best business to start, because today parents (even those who are on a low budget) always want to give a better education to their children.
  • Aftercare (a place for school going children to stay after school until their parents come from work).

As always, the key to a successful business is focusing. Probably the best agency to create is baby and toddler classes. You might offer some specific classes like swimming, drawing, painting, playing the guitar.

There are some things you need to consider in this business:  You need to be aware of the Children’s Act, which regulates this business, the gist of it, the establishment has to be registered and anybody working with children needs to be “fit and proper” a valid police clearance is essential when hiring people.

Here are the parts that deal with this business:

National norms and standards mentioned above:

Target Market & Marketing Activities
The parents who decide where to place their children and pay the fees are your target market. Word of mouth will be your best source of clients, this from other mothers in the area who’s children attend your establishment. You need to offer a quality service at an affordable price that will impress parents.
As for initially signing up parents, this is a local business, most people don’t want to drop off and collect their children too far away. So the usual channels, local classifieds and social media.