Start a Dog Grooming Business / Doggy Parlour

A dog grooming business washes, brushes and trims the hair of dogs, with over 9 million dogs living in our country, South Africa has a lot of dog lovers. While not every dog owner uses a grooming service to clean their dog, there are lots of people spending hundreds of Rands every month to keep their dogs clean. If you like dogs, this is a great business idea is for you.

Getting Started

To start a doggy parlour you need to know how to properly clean dogs, cut their hair, trim their nails. You also need to know how to handle dogs with different temperaments.

While there are some things to consider, from a technical point of view, starting your own doggy parlor business is not a difficult task. You will need to get a space to use (unless you operating a mobile service) and buy some equipment. The most difficult part is attracting customers but once you get a customer and they like your service they will frequent you meaning years or loyal patronage.

This business is often more popular in big cities where busy dog owners don’t have the time or energy to clean their dogs themselves.

Target Market

While there are millions of dog owners in South Africa, not every one of them is a prospective customer, most people cannot even afford to have their dogs professionally groomed. This business often works better in more affluent areas, especially in suburbs. This is also usually a local business, where people often use the one in their area or closest to them, that is also where you should concentrate your marketing efforts – the closest area that matches this profile.

That means advertising on shop notice boards as well as online: Gumtree and local Facebook groups. Instagram can also be used and don’t forget to update them regularly.

Equipment needed

To run a dog grooming business you will need

  • shears;
  • scissors;
  • conditioners;
  • nail clippers;
  • bandanas;
  • brushes;
  • shampoos;
  • ear cleaning products,
  • Baths and tubs

and some others.

In addition, you will need washing machines and dryers to wash your towels you will need (one that is only used for this purpose as there will be dog hair everywhere). Don’t forget about setting up a waiting room for people to wait. Most people will drop off their dog and collect them later on but if you gave them a time and you not done yet, at least have a comfortable place for people to sit. You will also need a comfortable place for the dogs to be kept while they are waiting to be cleaned and after they are cleaned waiting for their owners.


Doggy parlours usually offer the following services:
Wash, groom, cut & dry
Wash and dry
Nail trimmings
And related services

One thing to remember is to have a steady supply of water, electricity and/or gas for geyser.

Watch a video on how to set up and run your own dog grooming business


This business idea is not about offering a one-time service, it’s about building a list of loyal customers. You can increase your income by offering advertising space to related services like dog food, dog training, dog walking, etc.