Start a Generator & Inverter Rental Business

So we have all now established that regardless of skin colour no one will be able to turn Eskom around, something I have been saying time and time and time and time and time again.


Imagine this: You have a business, The Dark Knight strikes peak hours, you looking at two hours of productivity down the drain. You phone a number and someone delivers a generator or inverter with battery, when power comes back they come and collect again.

A generator & inverter rental business rents our inverters and generators for a certain period of time. 

The current (excuse the pun) market
The generator rental market is not new. There are places that rent out generators, usually, the tool hire guys to contractors who are working where there is no electricity and need to power their equipment. Now offices in the middle of the “best city in the world” according to Queen Elizabeth’s people need it.

So there is now the office market. Remember some places cannot afford to lose this time. Not only single clients like individual small business clients, but this business can also supply larger generators, but that can also be supplied to a business park, where many companies can share the cost.

The invertor & battery rental market
This is a bit of a newer business but I have seen places renting out “power trolleys“. I don’t know how popular this will be. If there were such an option and it was convenient more people may use it. But it is important to assess the clients’ power needs, so you might be able to rent out more than one to the same business if they have larger needs like a call centre.

Problem worth solving vs. market need
Remember I said last time don’t fall into this trap, just because there is a problem worth solving does not mean that there is a market need. I have seen this problem being met with indifference. Many businesses have not taken steps to get alternative power they’ve become despondent and have just given up and they even send their staff home. And if the business fails it fails. So keep that in mind.

Image credits: Lowes, Eskom