Start a Goat Farming Business

Start Your Own Goat Farming Business in South Africa and Produce Goat’s Milk

Many people still believe that cow’s milk is the most beneficial drink on the Earth. But did you know that goat’s milk is considered to be much more beneficial than cow’s milk? It’s not that popular, but if you start your own goat farm that will produce goat’s milk, not only will you be able to make good amounts of money, but your production will help other people who suffer from a metabolic disorder, bad eyesight, etc.

Business model
If you start a small goat farm of 20 goats, it will produce around 80 liters of milk a day. This is around R30 000 a month (80 liters x 30 days x R12.50 per liter wholesale – Woolies goat milk sells for over R25 per liter). Not that huge amount of money, right? But don’t forget, that a goat can give a birth to 2-3 goatlings a year. Male goats are often sold for meat.
While South Africa, which is a large country, produces only one percent of the world’s number of goats, economists say that goat meat is set to be the next big food trend. Why not take advantage of these changes and start your own small though perspective goat farm?
Watch some tips from goat farmers who run a big goat farm in Africa

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Target market
Since a small goat farm doesn’t promise huge profits and might be considered an alternative to your current job, you can sell milk to your neighbors, relatives or friends.
If you learn how to make a goat cheese, a sour cream, you can negotiate with the nearest store and sell your product on their shelves.
If you grow your business and increase the number of goats, you might consider another option, which is selling young goats for other people who want to keep a goat at home and have a few cups of fresh milk every morning.

More Information
Watch this video about seven reasons why you should start a goat farming business

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Goat Farming Business

Goat Farming Business is a profitable business idea. Goat meat is in high demand around the year. Goat farming is very popular in India as well as South Asia. In Africa it is also famous. These are many reasons why you should start goat farming.