Start a Mattress & Bed Making Business

Everyone has to sleep and to get a comfortable nights rest they will need a bed or at least a mattress. Start your own business making beds and mattresses.

Getting started
To get properly started in this business you will need a “tape edge machine” to make your mattresses. This will allow you to make anything from cheap foam mattresses to more expensive spring mattresses. It will also allow you to make sleeping bags and even tents if you want to get into that business. You will also be able to make various bed sizes: single, double, queen, king and extended (for tall people). You will also require some other cutting and woodmaking tools to make the base but the tape edger will be your biggest expense.

Marketing the business
The bed making business requires a showroom. This means you can either sell via existing shops or have your own showroom preferably one in a high traffic area. Showrooms rarely carry a lot of stock and often just have demos that customers can get the look and feel of and then take orders to be fulfilled by the factory which is usually situated in an industrial area where spacious units are available.

The bed making business in South Africa can do with some lower cost competition especially in poorer areas. The mattress side can be grown to fairly large on its own but you can add various additions as mentioned above. You can also make and sell pillows from offcut foam that you use in your business.

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