Start a Net / Netting Business

Net or netting is a textile in which the yarns are fused, looped or knotted at their intersections, resulting in a fabric with open spaces between the yarns.

The netting business is the supply of raw materials, manufacture, importation and trade in netting.

If you are a single entrepreneur on the grassroots level, it’s hard in SA due to the high cost of living and self-employment is not exactly stable. I’ve spoken about the manufacture using moulds business being a good business in this context, but another good business is one in which you sell products by a length, per meter or square meter and usually, we think of textile material such as those used to make clothing or curtains but another such business is the net business. In this business, you buy a roll from the manufacturer or supplier and sell it in smaller lengths, usually a meter, but people often buy more than what they need “just in case”.

Now there are a few categories in the net business and I actually looked at one before the shade cloth business is in this net business. If you look closely you will see it is indeed a net.

Here are the various categories in this business:

Shadecloth, for carports, greenhouses, gazebos, privacy fences.

Safety net business
Used in scaffolding, fall protection, windbreak nets (provides a penetrable wind barrier to protect crops, plants, soil and buildings and are unlike solid wind barriers which can cause more damage than the wind itself)

Agricultural nets
Anti bird net, anti-insect, anti-hail, harvesting netting such as olive harvest nets

Sports nets
Archery netting, tennis courts, soccer, basketball, volleyball, almost any sport that uses a ball has use for a net.

Other home use
Mosquito nets

Other business use
Fishing nets

What category is best
“Best” is relative in business, in theory, you want customers that will often reorder, removing the need to find new clients all the time. But there are some businesses that have good enough margins even though it’s not very popular and this is usually a small niche in which there is little to no local (in your area) competition.