Start a Small Herb Growing Business

There are many people that seek natural remedies for their ailments. Why not take advantage of this by starting your own small herb growing natural medicine business.

Target Market
There are three types of people who might be interested in becoming your regular customers:
● Curious. People looking for some ways to modify their rituals. They might be willing to try some traditional herb like mint or lemon balm.
● Those who are in need. They often know what they are suffering from and are looking for some non-traditional ways to treat a specific disease.
● Healthy living enthusiasts like athletes, vegetarians, vegans. They often take care of themselves, and in most cases replace green tea with mint, tutsan, ginger and other herbs.

Which Herbs to Grow?
Before you start creating and promoting your business, it’s important to segment your prospective customers. This is how you will come up with an idea which herbs to grow. Remember, people don’t need herbs, they need help in solving their health problems (whether they already have them or not). Here are some ideas for you:

Anti-Aging Ginkgo biloba, Lemon balm
Anxiety St. John’s Wort (tutsan), mint, Lemon balm, Valerian
Fatigue Goldenrod, periwinkle
Hyperactivity Valerian, Lemon balm, mint
Insomnia Chamomile, ginseng
Problems with liver Lavender, Aloe Vera, yarrow

Growing Herbs FAQ

How long does it take to grow herbs?
Typically, it takes up to three months to grow most herbs from seeds.

Can I grow herbs indoors?
Definitely, you can!

What equipment do I need to give it a try?
You can start with this inexpensive windowsill herbs garden kit

Potential Profits
Your own small herb growing business might be very profitable, because seeds and soil are very cheap, and once purchased equipment might serve you for many years.
If you have a free room in your house (or even a flat), you can grow a lot of herbs and make thousands of rands a month.

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