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Over 100 000 people get married every year in South Africa and many opt for a traditional wedding ceremony. Planning a wedding is time consuming and stressful and there are thousands of couples who are looking for a wedding planning company or planner that would help them plan one of the most important events in their life.

Getting Started
The role of the wedding planner is to take the burden off the bride and groom and take on the responsibility of planning the wedding and coordinate the whole event: from the invitations, venue, makeup, photos and videos, vehicles, flowers, cake and catering etc allowing you to provide one quote for the whole event from start to finish.

Business Model
How this business is often conducted is that the couple will present the planner with what they have in mind, amount of guests and their budget, the planner will determine whether the budget is sufficient, this will determine the type of service. Some wedding planners have different business models as to how they charge but a common way for a wedding planner to charge is to provide an overall cost that include their fee. Let’s say, the couple is looking to have 100 guests at their wedding, the planner will then provide a cost per person and their fee is in there. So if all costs considered runs at R70 000, which is R700 a person, then the wedding planner will put their fee on top of that, if its R10 000 (R80 000 total) it will be R800 a person, if its R20 000 (R90 000 total) then its R900 a person.

This business requires excellent coordination and negotiation skills. One of your strengths should not only be to take the stress off your clients shoulders but be able to do if for close it would have cost them had they planned it themselves, any wedding planner should have a database of service providers and backup providers and should be able to negotiate better rates and avoid problems that should the couple have done it themselves. See more information at the bottom for online wedding planning courses.

There is a great video on YouTube on how to get first clients to your weddings planning company:

Weddings in South Africa is often a seasonal business; meaning some months will be busier than others.  With summer being the most popular. It’s much easier to make a lot of great photos and videos when you have good weather.

More Information

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