Write and Sell eBooks Online

Ebooks are electronic versions of books that can be read on various digital devices such as ebook readers, tablets, cellphones and computers. This idea is about becoming a part-time writer and selling your eBooks online.

Getting Started

A lot of people would like to write a book either fiction or nonfiction. But when it comes to taking action they often feel confused and even fearful. Writing a book is considered to be something time-consuming and difficult. But in reality, in most cases, most modern eBook writers are average people who don’t have a degree in literature and even sometimes make grammaratical mistakes.

An eBook might contain only 5-10 thousand words and can be written in a few days. You can learn from a guy who writes an eBook in 1 day with no fancy tools or tricks.

How to Write an Ebook?

There are five stages of writing an eBook:

  • Research. You have to decide whether to write a fiction or non-fiction book. Both are fine. It might be a novel or something like “10 steps to living a fulfilling life”.
  • Writing. This is the most difficult part of this scheme. Just do it!
  • Book face. You’ll have to work on a cover, title, subtitles, content outline.
  • Publishing. The best place to sell your eBook is Amazon Kindle. There are plenty of avid readers on Amazon.
  • Marketing. If you’re not Stephen King, you will have to spend some time and money on getting people to buy your book.
Target Market

Look at the image below! People in Africa spend the least time reading, but South Africa outperforms Australia, Canada, USA, and other 200 (!) countries by hours spent reading per person per week.

You don’t have to write your books only for South Africans. If you write in English, a lot of your readers will come from the United States or Europe.

Interested? Learn secrets to Kindle eBook creation – writing, formatting, self-publishing, marketing, outsourcing, and selling.