Start an Airbnb Business – Become an Airbnb Host or Host on Behalf of Property Owners

In 2017 South Africa welcomed over 10 million tourists from over 150 different countries. 830 000 of them (around 8.3%) booked a place with an Airbnb. If you or your friends have rental property, why not join this online platform that will help you find clients in an easy and effortless way?

Getting Started

It’s a commonly known fact that a rental property generates around 6-7% per year. This makes it an ideal passive income stream.

But if you’re living in Cape Town, (especially close to the CBD, Waterfront, Greenpoint) considered the tourism capital of South Africa, it makes sense to rent your property for short periods of time (a day, several days, a week, a few weeks) rather than month to month on an annual lease basis.

But how do you find clients? Airbnb takes care of this!

At the end of the day, you will make more money with a property on a popular location this way, double even triple than a monthly lease. But…


It’s quite obvious that in order to rent a property you must own it. Well, that’s true, but you can also become an Airbnb host on behalf of property owners.

Onto the but above, even though property owners will make more money with Airbnb over traditional leasing, it is more work as you have to keep the property in good condition, be there to book guests in and out. And this is where the opportunity for managing properties on behalf of property owners comes in. Many professionals invest in property but they will not have the time to book clients in and out and frankly it might not even be worth their time (if they are in a high paying job), some of them don’t even live in the country. That is where a property manager comes in, a property manager oversees the property on behalf of the owner: cleaning, maintenance and of course booking clients in and out.

Be sure to take this online course “How to Create an Empire on Airbnb without Owning a Home“. Here is what you will learn:

airbnb udemy course
Don’t miss this boom coming to all African countries, especially to South Africa!


Airbnb is not a free service for property owners (hosts). It charges a 3% fee every time you secure a booking.

Also don’t forget that this is your responsibility to take care of property maintenance and make sure all appliances are working etc.

If you have neither a house nor a flat, you still can make money in the short term rental industry industry. If you can find enough friends on people who will trust you with their property and offer them your help as a middleman you can make good money and the property owner can still make more than they would by renting it out month to month.