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Start a Accommodation Business

Accommodation business is the process of offering accommodation services to students, tourists, other short and long term tenants. This refers to renting out your own furnished flat as well as building a hotel or a self-catering apartment complex. This is a client-oriented business which serves both ordinary people and corporate clients. Business Models ●     Accommodation establishments; ●     Furnished flats business; ●     Bed and breakfast service; ●     Self-catering apartments business; ●     Self-catering holiday business.   Tools & Equipment You can start your […]

Start a Park & Sleep Business

A park and sleep business provides people a safe place to park and sleep in their vehicles while travelling long distances like a truck stop for cars. This is part of the cheap accommodation business and the cheapest option of all. It is a needed service in a country where a hotel room cost a months salary for some and the cost of living is spiraling out of control. Market Need In a civilised country there […]

Start an Affordable Short & Long Term Accommodation Business

Cheaper accommodation is one of the businesses mentioned in business ideas for 2022 thread. If you look at South Africa’s short term accommodation industry it is the same old story seen across sectors: cheap poor quality vs. expensive holiday rentals, no in-between. You either going to get a cheap “sleep and go” filled with prostitutes or an expensive R1000+ a night room. There has to be middle ground. Market Need Many people need short term […]

Start an Airbnb Business – Become an Airbnb Host or Host on Behalf of Property Owners

In 2017 South Africa welcomed over 10 million tourists from over 150 different countries. 830 000 of them (around 8.3%) booked a place with an Airbnb. If you or your friends have rental property, why not join this online platform that will help you find clients in an easy and effortless way? Getting Started It’s a commonly known fact that a rental property generates around 6-7% per year. This makes it an ideal passive income […]

Start a Student Accommodation Business

A student accommodation business provides accommodation for students usually close to where they are studying. With a young population, it is currently one of the fastest growing real estate sectors in South Africa. It is also a valuable service to people who live far from tertiary or training institutions or who have too much distraction at home to concentrate. Strategy There are a few strategies to consider when entering the student accommodation business: Buy or […]

Offer Short-term Accommodation for Major Events

South Africa has many events during the calendar year, from music or fashion shows to cycling and running as well as regular soccer matches where out of province teams’ play. Start an accommodation service tailored around the time of these events. Most times when someone plans to visit an event far from where they live they will need accommodation for the period they will be attending the event. While there are hotels in most cities […]