Become a CV Writer

The current unemployment rate in South Africa is over 25%. This means that every fourth person is jobless and with a high probability is looking for a job. Unofficial studies show that this number might be even higher! Why not become a freelance or part-time CV writer to help people write effective resumes and cover letters?

Who needs a CV?
When it comes to getting hired a lot of people don’t fully understand how important it is to have a properly written CV. John can be the best tutor in his local area, but if his resume is poorly written, includes grammatical errors or which is even more absurd: he has no CV, this lowers his chances to get hired.

First things first
First, the employer will study his CV, second, invite him for an interview and asses his appearance, and only after that, they will talk about his skills and abilities.
On the other hand, Hannah, who is a mediocre tutor, but smiles a lot and has spent R300 on hiring a CV writer, might have the same if not higher chances of getting the job.
As you see, a properly written CV matters!

Tools and skills needed
If you want to become a successful CV writer, you need to master one skill and this skill is proper English. You can learn drawing in a day or something, but becoming fluent in English is difficult within a short period of time. So, if a grammar is not your favorite thing, look for other side business opportunities on our website.

If you can write, congratulations! All that’s left is to learn how a typical CV is structured and start offering your services.

Here is a brief overview of how to write an effective CV from a Utrecht University

How to write a powerful CV

This video teaches you how to write a powerful CV. For more tips and information about how to prepare for your career after university go to You can find the cv template here:

Earning potential
Professional CV prices start at R300. What’s great is that you’re not limited in offering your services to people living only in South Africa. There are millions of people worldwide who are looking for a job. There is a huge demand for CVs in the United States and the United Kingdom which you can offer a service to using various online platforms. You can also sell your CV writing services on marketplaces such as fiverr.

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