Become a Fiverr Seller and Freelance at Home

When it comes to making money, more and more people turn to the Internet. Why not become a Fiverr seller, stay at home and make money online?

What can you sell on Fiverr?
Fiverr is a freelancer marketplace where anyone can sell anything (legal of course). Just join, create a “gig” (this is how they call each service offered) and start selling it! Prices start at $5 (but you can charge as much as you like, ideally starting at a lower price to drive up your ratings).

What services can you offer? It depends on your skills and abilities. The more experienced you are the more difficult tasks you can accomplish. But you are not a qualified programmer or a web developer, you say? Many people think that you have to be a qualified online marketer, a writer or a logo designer to make money on Fiverr. Well, nothing can be further from the truth!

When it comes to making money – both online and offline – it’s important to remember that money is just a medium of exchange. You want to make money – you have to deliver value.
Now, ask yourself, what kind of value are you able to deliver? Can you write, sing, and compose music?

Not that smart? Maybe, you can you comment other people’s videos, participate in forum communities?
If yes, create a gig “I will leave 20 thoughtful comments on your website, blog or YouTube channel”.

If you are a creative person, you can think of making money on Fiverr in a different way. Let’s say, you’re living in South Africa, near the beach. You can offer “I will write your name on a sand” gig.

Tools and skills needed
Tools you need to do the job depend on what exactly you’re offering. If you offer writing or editing gigs, all you need is a laptop. If you do voice-overs, be ready to buy a microphone.

Earning potential
$5 per gig is not that much (Fiverr takes a 20% cut of that leaving you with $4) but you can charge as much as you want as the $5 limit has been lifted (Fiverr still takes 20%). But if you sell a few hundred gigs per month, you will earn more than a thousand dollars a month, which in turns translates to over ten thousand rand. Payment can be received via PayPal and then transferred into your local bank account.

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