Become a Freelance Clown and / or Part Time Magician

Clowns and magicians help people to have fun while celebrating birthdays and other events. Both adults and kids are crazy about their jokes and magic. This side business idea will help you learn how to become a part-time clown and magician and make some decent extra cash.


First things first, if you didn’t know there is no magic involved in being a clown and magician, but knowing sleight of hand is compulsary for magicians.

Becoming a clown is even easier. You will have to

  • buy special accessories;
  • learn several scenarious (there are plenty of them on the Internet);
  • master certain tricks & skills.

This is what you will have to learn:

  • juggling;
  • tying balloons
  • dancing;
  • singing;
  • some acrobatic tricks;
  • doing “magic”;
  • doing tricks.

You can get more ideas from real-life clowns:

Also, take a course on learning the art of being a clown from makeup to personality to performance.

Accessories Needed

A clown is not a speaker. People don’t listen to him, the watch at them! Here is the list of accessories you will need to buy:

  • colorful costume and distinctive makeup;
  • bloody machete;
  • bright jumbo bowtie;
  • hooter;
  • circus clown party game;
  • special clown gloves;
  • clown trumpet;
  • clown’s guns;
  • giant scissors;
  • clown masks,

and many other depending on your style.

You can order them from China or buy locally.

Target Market

Full-time clowns work at a circus, part-time clowns have to market their services and find customers on their own. Here is the list of places where your prospective customers often spend time:

  • schools;
  • kindergartens;
  • private educational centers.
  • Shopping malls

People often hire clowns and magicians when their kids have birthdays.

Marketing ideas

There are two ways to find customers for your services:

  • Post ads on Gumtree or other online platforms;
  • Work with event planners who often hire photographers, animators, and, maybe, don’t even suspect that they can hire a clown or magician.

On average, a clown or magician can charge up to R1000 per day.