Become a Freelance Instagram Marketer

If there is a social media that is only expected to grow in the future, it is undoubtedly Instagram. Google reports that Instagram is getting more popular and still didn’t achieve its full potential:

This side business idea is about becoming a part-time Instagram marketer and helping companies grow their businesses through this media.

What Does an Instagram Marketer Typically Do?

Basically, an Instagram marketer’s tasks are:

  • Researching a client’s industry;
  • Creating posts, which involves taking photos, editing them in Photoshop, customizing, uploading, etc;
  • Responding to comments;
  • Buying ads.
  • Working with “influencers”

While you can become a content manager (described above), a true Instagram marketer is a person who is oriented on promoting content, not creating it.

Build Your List Of Instagrammers

When it comes to promoting your client’s services on Instagram, it’s important to have a list of Instagram influencers who can sell you ads in their accounts fast and without hesitation.

It would be great if you could become a personal sales manager of a influencer who has millions of subscribers. But most celebrities work only with big advertising companies.


You will have to get in touch with at least 100 medium-sized Instagrammers in South Africa. Viralstat will help you find them.

Your Service

Since you have a list of South African Instagrammers who can sell you a lot of of traffic, you can easily resell it. In an online marketing world, it’s often called traffic arbitrage. Just find a company searching for promotion and offer your service.

You can also expand your service by adding new opportunities for your future clients. Get a course on becoming a God on Instagram that will teach you Instagram marketing strategies for business, creating pro-Instagram posts and viral posts and automating your marketing campaigns.

In either case, watch the video about 52 tips on how to market on Instagram: