Become a Freelance Logo Designer

If you are a creative person and have a passion for drawing, becoming a part-time logo designer might be a great opportunity for you to improve your finances. You can master logo designing skills without leaving your home in a short period of time, and in a few days or a week, you’ll be able to make your first money.

Designing logos for offline businesses
Basically, there are two varieties of logos needed today. The first type is for offline businesses like restaurants, bakeries, hotels, travel agencies, and so on.
In the first place, most businesses are recognized for their logos. We all remember McDonald’s logo, don’t we? What about Nike, Apple? You may not have the latest iPhone, but you undoubtedly know how an Apple logo looks like. (Scientists says, millions of people have seen those bitten apples in their dreams)

But there is a little problem with designing logos for big and well-established companies. Yes, they do spend millions (in some cases, billions) of dollars on promoting and advertising, so spending a hundred thousand dollars on a logo is a common practice, but such companies prefer to hire true professionals with vast experience.
Since our goal is to find a side business opportunity, let’s move to another option, which is less profitable, but is much easier to get started and make decent amounts money.

Designing logos for online businesses
Different studies show that it takes only a few seconds for a first-time visitor to decide if he’s going to continue browsing a website, or he will close it and never return back.
In a modern world, clothes do make the man. The same applies to websites. The first thing we pay attention to when visiting a new website is its logo. This is why every website owner is interested in having the best possible logo for his website.

Ever wondered how much websites are there on the Internet today? Around two billion! And this number is constantly growing.
What’s important to remember, and this must be a true inspiration for a future logo designer, is that website owners often redesign their websites, change color schemes and… order new logos.
The market is huge!

Tools and skills needed
Basically, two skills are needed to be a successful logo designer.
The first one is the ability to draw. What’s fantastic is that anyone can draw! If you believe you can’t watch the following TEDx talk (it’s already been watched over 20 million times!)

The second skill is using the right software, usually a vector graphics editor such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape (free).

Earning potential
Once you’ve learned how to make logos in PhotoShop you can start charging from R100 to R1000 for a logo (often designers charge by the hour but these are usually full-time professional designers.

More information
Learn how design a logo for FREE in Inkscape
Fiverr (a place to sell your services).