Become a Home-Based Advertising Copywriter

Copywriting is the process writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. This side business idea is about becoming a home-based advertising copywriter who helps other companies increase their sales using the power of words.

What Words Matter?

Watch a video to better understand why companies spend big money on short slogans:

“Just do it!” – ever heard this?

Did you know that these three words are not only a motivational cliche but a registered trademark?

This slogan was created thirty years ago by NIKE and helped the company to increase its sales ten times within ten years!

What Does an Advertising Copywriter Do?

Copywriters are used by advertising and marketing companies to create sales copy and slogans to help market their clients products. Popular slogans that copywriters have come up  include:

  • I’m Lovin’ It;
  • Eat Fresh;
  • Go Vegan;
  • Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat,
  • Enriching Lives.

In the internet era there are a lot of advertising copywriters who work from home writing press-releases, sales letters, and posts for social media.

Target Market

Companies – big and small – these are your clients. It’s impossible to find a business owner who wouldn’t be happy to increase their company’s sales. You can establish yourself as a word master who offers services like:

  • creating slogans;
  • writing press-releases;
  • writing sales letters;
  • creating Ads For Google AdWords campaigns;
  • speech writing.
How Much Does a Copywriter Make in South Africa?
Your earning potential depends on your skills and abilities, and your location. Even though you’re going to work from home, often times you will work with brands and companies located in your city.
Go International

You can also offer your services to companies located in other cities and worldwide.

The best places to market your services are through freelancing platforms such as:

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