Become a Sculptor, Teach Others and Sell Your Sculptures

Becoming a sculptor in South Africa sounds tricky and instantly reminds of an Ancient Greece.  On the other hand, there are dozens of well-known South African sculptors who work for both government and private clients. This side idea is about learning how to make sculptures and becoming a part-time sculptor.

Opportunity Overview

Watch a video of a self-taught sculptor how learned how to make amazing sculptures on his own:

You might be interested in following his Instagram account.

Learning how to make sculptures is not as learning to code or even draw. You might get some ideas from online courses, but you won’t succeed without taking an offline class. Find a sculptor class in your city.

Target Market

Get focused on people living in private houses who buy sculptures for their own purposes. They don’t necessarily have to be rich. Sculptures and statues are an important part of a landscape design.

Get some ideas from the images below:

If you succeed in satisfying private clients, you might even get a government contract to do the job like this one:

Marketing Ideas

The best way to promote your services is Instagram. Your customers are visuals. They enjoy watching and touching. Instagram allows them both watch and touch your sculptures.

Don’t share only images of finished samples, tell about your working routine!

You can also cooperate with a landscape designer. Don’t forget: if you are a sculptor, you are a unique specialist. There might be hundreds of landscape designers in an area, but only one sculptor.

  1. If you’re serious about building a career in the medium of sculpture, you might want to get in touch with the most popular South African sculptures.
  2. Some sculptors complain that modern technologies like 3d-printing will dislodge sculptors.
  3. You can also make money teach people how to become a sculptor from scratch and make money selling sculptures.