Build and Hire Out Mini Golf (Putt-Putt) Courses

Mini golf or putt-putt is a fun game that can be played by the whole family. Build your own courses and rent them out for events or fundraisers.

Putt-putt is basically a stripped down version of golf focussing on putting. It is exiting to play as the course is quite short and has a quick gratifying aspect to it as you drop the balls in the hole often.

Before you build the course you will need to sketch it out on paper, if you can use CAD or 3D software even better but pencil on paper is fine. The most important thing is that it has to be modular. Let’s say each hole is 6m long then it should for example be made up of three 2m long parts that can work with the center 2m part taken away in case there is not enough space or to cater for children’s parties. Also try to make the course at different inclines and not just straight or you can just add ramps. Another important design aspect is that you will have to transport the course from venue to venue so it has to be easy to assemble, dissemble and transport.

Mini golf course design
Mini golf course design

To build the course you will need some wood-making skills, the main materials used is beams for the edges (2×4, 4×4 etc.) and plywood for the top of the course. The plywood is then covered with a covering: the most common would be felt, but you can add variety by using carpet or indoor turf (Astroturf).

Making the mini golf course
Making the mini golf course
Building the mini golf course
Building the mini golf course

Once the course is built you need to add some ramps and obstacles to make things a bit exiting: a windmill that turns that could block the ball if the sails/blades is at the right place, a miniature house the ball has to pass through before it reaches the hole, booby trapped shortcuts etc. You can also add artificial bonsai trees and rocks to make it look nice.

Mini golf course
Mini golf course

Then you will need the golf balls and putters, miniature golf putters are sold commercially so you won’t have to make them yourself. You will also need to give the people renting the course scorecards so the users can keep track of their score or how many putts it took them to sink the ball at a particular hole. Also don’t forget – as in the case of these types of rentals – to get the renters sign an indemnity form so you are protected in case someone hurts themselves while using your course.

The objective is to make it into each hole in as few strokes as possible. Every stroke taken counts as a point, although many courses limit players to a maximum of seven strokes per hole. The player with the fewest strokes at the end of the round wins. – Mini golf rules on Livestrong

You will also need transport to and from the venue, if it’s a big elaborate course then a truck will be needed, for a smaller course a large trailer may be suffice. Even if you hire one or two helpers this is a business that can generate a few thousand rand per event in profits.

Now there is no reason that you cannot make and sell these courses once off but by renting it out you make recurring revenue with less effort, but the choice is yours: build to rent out or build to resell.

If you do decide to resell the courses it has to be smaller and less elaborate as it will have to fit in people’s backyards.

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Hat tip to Lindy van der Merwe from BizViz Net for the idea.

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